‘Imagining a Revolutionary Community’ Event Outline

Ahead of this Sunday’s Screen Shadow presentation ,on the film culture of the Egyptian revolution of 2011, which  will focus specifically on the film making and distribution of Maha Maamoun and the Mosireen Collective, we would like to share some clips and questions. The event is an open discussion and all contributions are welcome.

Introduction. Broadly, this sessions aims to unpack how the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 has been framed by the media we received it through, and asks how that frame has selected revolutionary subjects and conditioned our understanding of the revolutionary event. Speaking from a context of political defeat where the revolutionary community of Egypt has disappeared from visibility, what strategies of representation will allow us to continue to access that recent history of protest and project forward to future action, and in what spaces can this ambition be actualized?

Part 1:  Mosireen Films. What were the conditions of representation of the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and how do they function three years after the event?



Don’t Mess with The People

The People Demand

The Maspero Maspero Massacre

Part 2: Silvia Mollicchi on the Tahrir Cinema initiative. Which cultures of image making and presentation have resisted transmission to an international audience, and what can be gained by investigating them?


Part 3: Maha Maamoun ‘2026.’ How is it possible to identify and give representational space to the homogeneous and temporally sensitive revolutionary public?


Part 4: Basia Cummings on pad.ma and the Mosireen’s use of the archive. We have many images of protest, but we do not yet have an image of change, what gestures can we make towards an image of change?


Part 5: Sherief Gaber’s proposition for a Peckham Cinema, in the model of the Tahrir Cinema. How does the Cinema6 initiative relate to the social praxis of a group like the Mosireen, how and why might we try to find common ground?

Sherief is a member of the Mosireen; he can be seen in the Maspero video. His question for this event was “why not do a Tahrir Cinema in Peckham?” Is this a viable or productive proposition?


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