Lessons in Heterosexuality: Portland

Following the first iteration of the ‘Lessons in Heterosexuality’ programme at Arcadia Missa in January 2012, John Bloomfield was invited to deliver a new version of the programme as part of an artist’s residency at S1, Portland.

As part of the residency a book was produced with Publication Studio, Portland, which is available here. The book features contributions from Ben Mechen, Kirsten Tambling, Melanie Francis, Rózsa Zita Farkas, Ben Cornish, Sarah Taylor-Harman, Lora Hristova and Michael Bloomfield.

Lessons in Heterosexuality II

Curated by John Bloomfield and Jesse Woodcock

Week One: Lessons In Becoming Heterosexual

True Romance etc… (1981) – The Newsreel Collective

Week Two: Lessons in Homosociality

Girlfriends (1978) – Claudia Weil

Week Three: Lessons in the Act Itself

The Mystery of Marriage (1932) – Mary Field

Her Name Was Elly, His Name was Lyle (1967) – Lothar Wolff

Impaled (2006) – Larry Clark



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